Is Dental Implants Right Choice for Your Oral Health, New York City?

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Dental implants are titanium made screws that are fitted inside your jawbone under your gum line to restore and support your dental health after tooth loss. Usually, the dental implants are accompanied with dental crowns and bridges after the implants are fitted. They are efficient, effective, functional and life-like.

Why should you opt for dental implants?
Well, there are multiple reasons, here are a few:

  • Dental implants tend to replicate the naturality of your original teeth. The titanium infusion is going to support and replace your tooth roots after you have suffered from tooth loss. The dental implants will help you get your natural teeth strength back along with the ability to eat and speak better.
  • Flawless cosmetics results can be seen with the help of dental implants.
  • Most people suffer from the problem of dentures slipping off or moving and shifting inside the mouth, and could cause various forms of embarrassing situations for people. With the help of dental implants, one could easily manage to keep their dentures in place, where they are supposed to be, without having to worry about anything at all.
  • Dental implants are very easy to adjust to. No extra effort is to be maintained after getting them, in fact, they fuse with your regular dental hygiene habits only.
  • Dental implants after being fixed in our jawbones tend to go through the process called osseointegration. Through this process, the titanium metal fuses with the internal bone structure and then it would promote the further bone generation and development.
  • The best part about dental implants is that for their placement there is no need for cutting out or altering any part of your original dental aesthetics. There is no fabrication in your teeth or any of the internal dental structure which is always good news for your teeth.
  • Dental implants tend to offer durability and strength to the dental aesthetics as they could last a lifetime, once installed.
  • Since their success rate is about 97% and can last a lifetime, the dental implants are a cost-effective dental restorative treatment.
  • The dental implants allow you to chew your food, whatever it is that you like and because of that you get your overall health back up, without having to compromise on food items. No kind of nutritional deficiency will be faced because of tooth loss if you opt for dental implants.
  • Not only do you get your teeth back, but also your smile and social standing. You can rely on dental implants for your self-esteem.
  • Your facial appearance tends to remain the same, if not older. When people lose teeth, they tend to lose the internal bone structure, and because of the same, your face could appear sunken and saggy. With the help of dental implants, your bone structure is maintained, as is your facial structure.

Dental implants are by far the best dental restorations to happen to the field of dentistry. Book your appointments for the same. Call us- (347) 955-0153. Or visit us- Tribeca Dental Studio. 54 Warren Street, New York City, NY 10007.