Make Brushing Your Teeth a Fun Activity for Your Kids

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For many parents, getting your kids to brush their teeth effectively can be quite a challenge. One parenting strategy that often works is taking a necessary, mundane task and making it into a fun activity for your children. That can also be done with brushing their teeth.

You can start doing this before your kids are able to brush their own teeth and you need to brush for them. At a young age, you can make a song out of brushing their teeth that they enjoy hearing (but won’t be able to sing along with while they are being brushed).

With new technology comes new ways to make brushing your child’s teeth fun. There are apps that play music for the amount of time your child will need to brush. There are also apps that will tell stories about brushing teeth that make the activity fun.

Once your kids get a little bit older you can create fun games they can participate in while brushing their teeth. One popular game is the concept of imaginary sugar bugs attacking their mouth and the only way they can defeat them is by brushing their teeth. You can also change this around a bit depending on what your kids like or their interests.

You can also keep track of your child’s brushing habits with an old-fashioned poster board and stickers. Every time they brush their teeth for a full two minutes they can earn a sticker. After they have earned a certain amount of stickers they get some type of reward.

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