What Is the Procedure of Cosmetic Dentistry in New York City?

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Cosmetic dentistry involves some treatments. First and foremost, are braces and retainers. The point to be clarified in this is that braces and retainers can be worn even by adults. There is a misnomer that these can only be worn by children and adolescents. Many people feel that braces show up even from a distance and thus are not suited to the older age group. However, with advancements in dental sciences, one should be made aware of the fact that certain types of braces are transparent and almost the color which is not seen from a distance. These are very well suited to adults. Also, sometimes, we become a bit under-confident and suffer from lack of self-esteem when we have teeth which are misaligned or crooked. At such times, it is best that we know of these type of dental procedures which will restore our smile value.

What else comes in the purview of cosmetic dentistry?

Even treatments like teeth whitening come in this category. This can be done at home as well as in the dental clinic. For the at-home treatment, a set of dental trays are manufactured in the dental laboratory. These are given to the patient who smears them with a whitening agent and wears them over the gums and teeth. This is done for a given number of hours for a given number of days at home. Slowly, but surely, the teeth start to whiten. However, this is not a permanent solution to the issue of teeth whitening. Teeth whitening can even be done in the dental clinic. For this, the teeth are first prepped up. Then, they are smeared with a whitening chemical over which laser light of a given intensity is passed for a preset duration of time. This procedure may be repeated once more during the next visit of the patient to the dental clinic for best results. The activated substance tends to stick onto the surface of the teeth and hence whitens them by several grades or degrees.
The point to be noted is that such treatments are not permanent. It is necessary for the patient to follow good oral hygiene habits to make sure that the treatment stays effective for as long as is possible. It is best to follow a routine of brushing the teeth twice daily for at least two minutes each time. Also, dental flossing once a day should be done. Several foods and drinks like red wine, tea, coffee, and beetroot can cause teeth staining. Avoid intake of such items. If you do ingest them, then make it a point to clean your teeth properly after this so that there are no side effects of eating these.
Teeth whitening can even be done with several over the counter products like whitening gums and toothpaste. The effect of these two is not permanent. This is one golden rule to follow with all kinds of whitening treatments – oral hygiene must be maintained at all times.
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