What Are Wisdom Teeth and When Should They Be Removed?

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Wisdom teeth extractions are some of the most common dental procedures, with about 10 million being removed each year. With that many wisdom teeth being removed, it may come as a surprise that a lot of people don’t fully understand what wisdom teeth are, why they are removed, and what the typical timeline is.

Wisdom teeth are actually third molars. They grow for many years before they finally erupt (some never erupt). Those teeth typically develop around the age of 10 and most often come in between 17 and 25. Wisdom teeth are named as such because they often develop during the “age of wisdom” when children are graduating high school and going to college to become wiser.

In some people, wisdom teeth never actually come in. Other times they are there but do not erupt or only break through part of the way. Sometimes people are even born with extra wisdom teeth. With all of these possibilities, it is recommended that you have your child’s wisdom teeth checked out by the age of 15.

Those wisdom teeth were likely needed by our ancestors who needed to eat food that was coarse and rough. They also lost their teeth more often which allowed a third set of molars to grow in. One of the main reasons we remove wisdom teeth today is because they can damage surrounding teeth and become infected.

About 85% of adults require at least one wisdom tooth to be extracted. If you experience pain, persistent bad breath, sinus issues, inflamed gums, or tooth decay, check with your dentist immediately because you may need your wisdom teeth removed.

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