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BRUIS® Braces

non-sliding orthodontic technique

Tribeca Dental Studio is now offering a state-of-art treatment for our clients. Brius® has created a new braces product that goes behind the wearer’s teeth. This method considerably shortens treatment time and is easier to clean than regular braces. BRIUS® uses a new non-sliding orthodontic technique that moves each tooth independently. Flexible NiTi arms connect each tooth to a rigid bar that stabilizes the appliance on the hard palate or lingual vestibule. The thickness and design of each individual arm are customized to produce the optimal force and moment needed for that particular tooth.

Our revolutionary method moves teeth independently. BRIUS® considerably shortens treatment time, allows for easier cleaning than traditional braces, and requires fewer visits than any types of braces. With BRIUS® the teeth won´t move faster, just more efficiently.

  • Customized for each tooth based on complex finite element analysis.
  • 100% NiTi.
  • Interbracket distance no longer an issue.
  • One BRIUS® completes mild to moderate cases.

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