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Check-ups and Teeth Cleanings

We conduct an oral exam of your gums and teeth

Every patient should be attending an in-depth oral examination and a hygiene appointment at least once every six months; in some situations, more frequent visits to our practice may be recommended so that we’re able to provide you with the best support possible for your oral health and valuable smile. During routine check-ups, our knowledgeable doctors and staff members will take a close look at each individual tooth, the gum tissue, the bite, the jaw, and current restorative work to determine if there are any issues or damage that need professional attention. Our recommendations for treatment will always be carefully thought out and highly personalized to be a match for patients’ personal needs and goals.

A crucial part of routine dental visits are cleanings, which are necessary for the removal of dental plaque (a bacteria-filled film that’s constantly forming in the mouth) and its stubborn evolution tartar. The removal of these substances will help protect patients from cavities and the development of periodontal disease over time, and it will also leave your smile feeling fresh and polished.

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