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TMJ and Bruxism

Therapy in Lower Manhattan

Tribeca Dental Studio is a place for all your family dental needs. Our friendly staff completes the environment of the art dental studio. One of the unique services that we provide are multiple TMJ treatments, including laser treatment which can cause immediate relief to your acute symptoms. We help relieve long term and debilitating symptoms sometimes caused by bruxism or muscle pain involving the joint, TMJ.

If you’re experiencing worn-down tooth enamel, constant jaw/tooth pain, or excessive headaches, you may be a victim of clenching or bruxism, which is more commonly known as “teeth grinding”. This usually nocturnal habit typically affects patients while they are sleeping, resulting in dental damage, broken teeth and fractured roots, as well as discomfort in the face and head and sometimes ear pain.

Some symptoms of TMJ include:

  • Migraine
  • Ear pain
  • Facial pain
  • Jaw and tooth pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder and back issues
  • Sleep disorders
  • Poor posture issues

If you are experiencing any of the following and feel it could be connected to TMJ please contact us and make an appointment at your earliest convenience.

At Tribeca Dental Studio, our doctors can help provide relief with treatments like customized oral appliances that help align the teeth to a more comfortable position, laser treatment to relieve acute symptoms of TMJ, and occlusal adjustment that restores harmony to an ailing bite. Our goal is to get you out of pain and back to your healthy teeth and gums.

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