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About Us

Tribeca Dental Studio in New York

At Tribeca Dental Studio, patients can look forward to visiting an office that’s advanced, welcoming, and truly comprehensive. Instead of just one doctor, a whole, accomplished team of general dentists and specialists is here waiting for you, providing pediatric care, periodontal treatment, prosthodontic solutions, endodontic work, and much more in one, convenient environment. Dr. Nina Izhaky has invested in the latest modern technology and amenities as well, and our extended office hours can fit even the busiest of schedules here in Lower Manhattan. Contact our location today to schedule appointments for the whole family, and keep reading to learn more about what sets us apart.

Multitude of Options

Your chosen oral healthcare home should be meeting your needs, not sending you to see outside specialists at every opportunity. Our Tribeca practice offers an exceptional menu of services that includes several advanced options for your convenience and comfort. We’re happy to bring the specialists to you instead of the other way around!

Kids Welcome

Our team loves welcoming whole families, including the youngest members. In fact, we have Tribeca Dental Studio for Kids (Tribeca Dental Studio4Kids), a full-floor specialty office that features a board-certified pediatric dentist, whimsical decorations, and plenty of age-appropriate entertainment. We look forward to helping your son or daughter get started on the path towards their best smile with gentle, personalized treatment.

Modern & High-Tech

We take pride in maintaining a highly modern office space that’s equipped with plenty of welcoming amenities and state-of-the-art technology to improve the quality of each and every appointment. Our doctors utilize intraoral cameras, digital radiography, soft tissue lasers, and even an on-site surgical suite to ensure stellar results and happy smiles. Our patients deserve the very best!

Environmentally Friendly

Tribeca Dental Studio is all-digital, which means there are no burdensome paper files, no hazardous X-ray chemicals, and no unnecessary waste that only hurts our planet. When sterilizing our equipment, we also only use ozone-treated water for highly effective disinfection that eliminates potentially dangerous substances.

Clean & Allergen-Free

Patient safety and comfort is a high priority for our staff, which is why our restorative solutions are crafted from high-quality materials that are free of mercury and metals that might aggravate related sensitivities/allergies. The paint on our office walls is also hypoallergenic, and air purifiers are constantly used to eliminate any mold or mildew lurking around.

Spa-Like Comforts

It’s important to our doctors that patients feel relaxed and right at home when they come in for treatment. That’s why our available amenities include conveniently placed TVs with Netflix, treatment chairs that have massage options, and informative intraoral cameras. The journey towards better oral health should be an enjoyable one!


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