Tooth Extractions

tooth extraction nyc

At Tribeca Dental Studio, we value preventive care fundamentally. Naturally, cavities and other dental misfortunes can still occur. When they do, we always err on the side of preserving the tooth and maintaining as much of its structure as possible. But, there are times when a tooth can’t be saved and must be extracted. If this should occur, we’re here for you, offering compassion and tooth extractions in NYC.

Tooth Extractions NYC

Are Tooth Extractions Painful?

Probably not as much as you’re anticipating! Many patients report that receiving the local anesthesia is the worst part of getting a tooth pulled. It is a bit of a pinch, but we apply a topical numbing agent to make that less unpleasant.

As for the procedure itself, you shouldn’t expect to feel pain at all. In fact, if you do, let us know—we will stop and administer more anesthesia. Tooth extractions do usually come with some residual achiness in the days following the procedure, which is easily managed with over-the-counter NSAIDs.

Many patients fear the threat of a tooth extraction and will even avoid much-needed dental appointments because of it. Don’t let this be you! We’ll take good care of you and help that tooth avoid bigger problems in the future. Tribeca Dental Studio doctors understand your fear; we’re patient, respectful, and gentle.

When is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

If you find yourself searching for a dentist offering tooth extractions in NYC, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • A tooth has suffered a traumatic injury and cannot be saved
  • You have a tooth that’s heavily decayed and can’t be saved with a restoration like a filling or crown
  • There is periodontal disease affecting the tooth
  • A tooth has to be removed to make room for orthodontic correction
  • You have an impacted tooth
  • You have a failed root canal or restoration

The Extraction-to-Implant Pipeline

In most cases, we’ll recommend replacing the extracted tooth. The obvious, aesthetic reason for this is just the beginning. Replacing the tooth will:

  • Yes, look great
  • Prevent other teeth from moving into the new space, becoming misaligned, and affecting your bite
  • Help sustain jawbone structure so you don’t experience bone loss, which can lead to more tooth loss
  • Maintain the structure of your face

There are several ways to replace a tooth once it’s been extracted. Our first choice is an implant. An implant with a crown is most like your natural tooth. It will do the best job of keeping the jawbone stimulated and structurally sound. It looks, feels, and acts just like a natural tooth.

But there are times when patients aren’t candidates for implants, so we offer bridges and other restorations as well.

Tooth Extractions in NYC

If you need a tooth extraction in NYC, end your search and come see the experienced doctors and specialists at Tribeca Dental Studio. Most patients can get all their dental care under one roof with us, no referrals. Reach out today to make an appointment!


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