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Laser Dentistry

Every successful advancement in dentistry eventually leaves doctors and patients feeling grateful we no longer have to do it the old way. Imagine dentistry without local anesthesia, x-rays, or electric hand tools, for example.

The current generation of industry-changing technology is not yet in all practices, but it is here at Tribeca Dental Studio. We can treat gum disease, sleep apnea, a gummy smile, or wrinkles around the lips with non-invasive laser tools in our Lower Manhattan office. We can plan your entire Invisalign treatment from a scan of your mouth captured with a small handheld wand. This technology and more doesn’t just make our jobs easier—it makes your experience faster, more comfortable, and safer.

Laser Dentistry

Perhaps the greatest benefits to Tribeca Dental Studio patients come thanks to our three Fotona and Biolase laser dentistry tools. These remarkable machines help us:

  • treat gum disease without painful scaling and root planing
  • stimulate new gum and bone growth with gum-disease treatment
  • fix the aesthetics of a gummy smile with gingivectomy or crown lengthening
  • access tooth decay that lies underneath gum and bone
  • prevent or reduce wrinkles around lips and nose with skin resurfacing
  • reduce or eliminate sleep disordered breathing such as sleep apnea and snoring
  • perform lip enhancement
  • eliminate tongue and lip ties with frenectomy treatment
  • Safely remove porcelain crowns without damaging tooth structure

Laser dentistry represents the latest and greatest advancements in the field. Old treatments are made easier, faster, and dramatically less painful. Entirely new treatments are available to patients.

Not all dental practices are able to offer laser dentistry to their patients yet, and especially not in the multi-specialist capacity that we can. Reach out to us today to learn more about how laser dentistry can improve your life!

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iTero Scanner

The iTero scanner uses a small, wand-based infrared laser that is completely radiation-free to capture perfectly precise, 3D images of your mouth.

What Does an iTero Scanner Do?

The iTero scanner uses a small, wand-based infrared laser that is completely radiation-free to capture perfectly precise, 3D images of your mouth.

Our three iTero scanners help us do some amazing things, including:

  • detect cavities between teeth that x-rays may miss
  • locate muscle tension in TMJ sufferers
  • monitor the development or movement of patients’ teeth, gums, and bones over years of visits
  • take digital impressions for fast and accurate orthodontia and restorations
  • plan the course of patients’ orthodontic treatments
  • simulate for patients the outcome of their orthodontic treatment
  • temporarily replace x-rays for returning patients when they want to avoid radiation

The benefits to patients aren’t hard to imagine: catching that cavity before it needs a root canal or other major treatment, targeting your TMJ treatment to the right muscle groups, not having to get x-rays during pregnancy. We’re focused on making your dental experience as quick, carefree, and painless as possible.

CBCT Scanner

Using the same technology as CT scans, cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanning focuses its image-capturing beam on a small portion of the body.

Why We Use CBCT

A CBCT scan allows us to capture 3D images of not only your teeth and gums, but all of the surrounding anatomy too, including sinuses, musculature, bones, and nerves. It gives us much more information about your oral health than any other type of imaging. This powerful imaging can help us:

  • accurately plan your upcoming oral surgery, root canal treatment, or
  • orthodontic therapy
  • detect tumors or cancer in and around the mouth
  • diagnose TMJ problems
  • identify the source of pain or pathology
  • assess bone loss
  • find and treat infections
  • identify airway obstruction sources such as tonsils and adenoids or
  • deviated septum
  • plan and calculate airway treatments and expected growth pattern

CBCT Safe?

A CBCT scan does generate more radiation than a standard x-ray, but less than a trans-Atlantic flight, and up to 90% less than a standard CT scan. Additionally, we’ll only recommend a CBCT scan when your treatment calls for it. It isn’t an annual type of imaging like dental x-rays; rather more like a handful over a lifetime. The overall attributable cancer risk associated with dental CBCT scans is 6 per 1 million people.

Panoramic X-Rays

A panoramic x-ray captures a full 2D view of your dentition and jaw in one image. For your regular dental visits, the standard bitewing x-ray is usually sufficient. But certain types of treatment may call for us to see everything in context, including:

  • dental implant
  • orthodontic treatment
  • tooth extraction
  • full or partial dentures

Additionally, the panoramic x-ray’s unique perspective can help us better identify:

  • cysts, tumors, or cancer in the jaw
  • impacted teeth
  • periodontal disease
  • TMJ disorders
  • sinus problems

And finally, the pano x-ray has offered relief to so many patients with a sensitive gag reflex. Since it doesn’t use any bitewings or require us to place any hands or tools in your mouth, we’re able to offer those patients a much more pleasant alternative.

How Does a Panoramic X-Ray Work?

You’ll only receive a panoramic x-ray in our office if it benefits your treatment. If you do need to get one, here’s how it will go:

  1. We’ll bring you to an x-ray room.
  2. You’ll wear an x-ray vest over your shoulders, chest, and abdomen.
  3. We’ll guide you to place your chin on a plastic support and loosely place a stabilizing piece in front of your forehead.
  4. The technician will exit the room, and the x-ray machine will take its pictures.

Are Panoramic X-Rays Safe?

Pano x-rays deliver, at most, an amount of radiation equivalent to a few days of background radiation. Background radiation refers to the average amount of ambient radiation we’re all exposed to as we drive our cars, work in offices, live in our homes, and use our devices.

Leading Edge Technology

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